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Sleep Apnea Relief Shinglese (Shingles Relief)
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List Price: $29.99
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Sleep Apnea Relief Shinglese (Shingles Relief)
Sleep Apnea Relief combines herbs to address the underlying cause of sleep apneaóa condition where breathing stops during sleep, and a condition that is debilitating millions of Americans by robbing them of the deep sleep their body needs. There is no medical cure for sleep apnea, and even the treatment (breathing oxygen at night with a CPAP apparatus) is cumbersome and effective for only 60% of users. The herbal combination of lobelia, thyme, meadowsweet, chamomile, and cramp bark makes up a sleep apnea remedy that is highly effective for most users. Just one capsule 30 minutes before bedtime stimulates stronger breathing that eliminates the drop in oxygen levels that can trigger sleep apnea. This remarkable bouquet of herbs treats you for all aspects of sleep apnea. It relaxes muscles that restrict nerve flow to the diaphragm, increases drowsiness, and strengthens breathing and lung efficiency, all while protecting the stomach lining. It is 100% safe, natural, non habit forming, and requires no training or pre-conditioning. For most people, one capsules 30 minutes before bedtime will mitigate sleep apnea within 1-2 weeks. And our herbal expert and the man who developed Sleep Apnea Relief, Steve Frank would know. He suffers from sleep apnea himself, which he controls with his product. He goes nowhere without Sleep Apnea Relief. Due to the seriousness of sleep apnea, trying a course of Sleep Apnea Relief is a good idea for anyone who suffers. When shingles virus (HVZ) attacks, even swallowing the most powerful prescription anti-viral is not enough. You need on-the-spot action to: stop the virus, ease the pain and help to repair the damaged skin. The powerful anti-viral action of Humic Acid and the herbs in Shingles Relief will shut down that viral activity faster than any other course of action. Whatís more, these herbs and plant derivatives are all natural and wonít harm your liver like prescription drugs. Shingles Relief uses nervine herbs like Lavender, Passion Flower, St. Johnís Wort and others to calm irritated nerves and reduce itching. Pain relievers like White Willow and Arnica are time-tested remedies for pain that work with the Comfrey and Aloe, helping to repair the skin. This lotion can be gently rubbed on the Shingles or Herpes outbreak two or more times per day to maximize the healing and soothing benefits. Can be used on Shingles, Cold-Sores, Fever-Blisters or any Herpes outbreak. Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use. Note: If you have a large outbreak over a large area of skin, we suggest that you start by purchasing 3 containers.
Rash Relief
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $24.00
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Rash Relief

Eczema, poison oak/ivy, rash, dermatitis, bug bites, etc. can be unsightly, itchy and very persistent. Using steroid creams can be dangerous and ineffective causing skin thinning and even cancer. When eczema or other rash/itch conditions are frustrating you or your loved ones, you need Rash Relief to relieve the itch, help repair the skin and stop the infection that is causing this condition to persist.Eczema is caused by a combination of fungus with virus or bacteria. Rash Relief contains herbs like Blood Root and Neem to attack fungus while also providing Humic Acid, Chaparral and Burdock to directly address the virus or bacteria. Whatís more, it provides Comfrey, Calendula and Chickweed to promote healthy skin. By stopping the invaders and healing the skin, Rash Relief goes beyond what any simple lotion can provide to actually get rid of tough conditions like eczema. Why just mask the symptoms when you can clear up the condition with Rash Relief? This comprehensive herbal formula treats the whole problem from itch to skin repair and does it naturally, safely and holistically. Itís safe for children too.Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use.

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