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Dr. West is known as the most innovative doctor in America. Instead of treating the symptoms of disease with drugs and surgery, Dr. West focuses on understanding how and why patients get sick in the first place.
Over the course of more than 3 decades, Dr. West has been credited with one breakthrough after anotheróall based on the logical, but all-too-often overlooked premise that to get well you have to cure the underlying problem, not just treat the symptoms.
He is a founding member of the National Academy of Research Biochemists, and is an expert in clinical nutrition, kinesiology, pain control and rehabilitation. He is considered the world's expert on the clinical application of therapeutic foods and extracts (phytonutrients).
Dr. West has developed the phytonutrient treatments that are currently in use by physicians around the world. He is the original publisher of Health Alert, the first health newsletter in existence, and has been trusted by more than 80,000 patients since 1973.

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