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Finally—At Your Fingertips:

·        The most astonishing and unknown cures

·        30 years of research

·        More than 75,000 patients

·        Every imaginable disease or condition

·        More than 40 experts from every field of medicine and healing…

Including: physicians in all specialties—GP’s surgeons, internists, urologists, radiologists, oncologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, gynecologists, and more; plus chiropractic physicians, osteopaths, podiatrists, dentists, kinesiologists, therapists, psychologists, nurses, and others.


Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine Volumes I and II

Retail price: $129.00
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           Just some of the topics covered are:

Volume I:

• Arm, neck and hand pain—no surgery

• Arthritis

• Cancer is not a death sentence

• Colds, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia

• Congestive heart failure miracle

• Diabetes

• Gallbladder disease—no surgery

• Gas and bloating

• Gut problems

• Hair loss—stop it now

• Heart arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeat)

• Heart attacks

• Heart bypasses, stents, and angioplasty—pretty much useless

• Heart disease secrets

• Heart vitamins are mostly useless

• High blood pressure: Lower it fast

• High cholesterol is mostly bunk

• Hot flashes

• Indigestion, heartburn, reflux and GERD—no drugs

• Insomnia—the mineral tranquilizer

• Lupus

• Macular degeneration—prevent blindness

• Obesity

• Osteoporosis—drugs are a dead end

• Prostate enlarged—the 20 minute miracle

• Restless leg syndrome

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Stroke prevention and rehabilitation miracle

• Bone spurs and degenerating joints

• Cancer and protomorphogens

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Coumadin and vitamin K

• Fibromyalgia

• Food allergies

• Glaucoma

• Heart risk factors are baloney

• Joint pain: end it!

• Leg circulation problems

• Mediterranean diet

• Pet health care

• Rib pain

• Sex drive waning

• Stomach acid

• Vertigo: treat it at home

Volume II:

• Adrenal failure

• Alzheimer’s and tropical oil

• Angina—charley horse of the heart

• Anxiety and depression

• Atrial fibrillation

• Bladder cancer

• Chronic fatigue

• Clogged arteries and the unknown factor

• Constipation and diarrhea

• Cystitis and UTI’s—no drugs

• Health screenings can kill you

• Heart disease and infections

• Heart pounding

• Heart valve disease—mostly a non-disease

• Iodine—the fountain of youth

• Knee pain and surgeries

• Liver and kidney detoxification

• Mitral valve prolapse—the non-disease

• Muscle cramps miracle

• Nursing Home—how to stay out

• Prostate cancer—no surgery or radiation

• Spinal problems and low back pain

• Tooth and gum disease

• Ulcers and vitamin U

• Vitamin B4 (unknown and critical)

• Vitamin K2

• Waning sex drive

• Younger: look and feel younger in 30 days

• Broken hips from osteoporosis drugs

• Cancer: the good news

• Chronic pain: drugs are a dead end

• Dermatitis and eczema

• Flu shots do not save lives

• Food combining: the instant cure

• Receding gums

• Hiatal hernia

• Joint problems misdiagnosed

• Low back and leg pain: corrective exercise

• Mental health and nutrition

• Prescription drug withdrawal

• Seizures, shakes, and tremors

• Skin cancer cured in 2-3 months

• Stress

  And much, much more.


At close to 200 pages, the Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine is absolutely priceless. But you can get it FREE by starting a new subscription, or renewing or extending your subscription to Health Alert, for one or two years. You can put your Encyclopedia to work the day it arrives.